No 1. Peter Parker's Secret Identity As Spider-Man Is Exposed

No 2. Peter Parker & MJ Are A Couple

No 3. The Multiverse Has Been Unfolding For A While

No 4. In Their Original Universes, Some Villains Died

No 5. Peter Parker & Doctor Strange First Met In Avengers: Infinity War

No 6. Doctor Strange Is The Sorcerer Supreme, & Ironically, A Pacifist

No 7. MCU Aunt May Is The Only Version Who Knows About Peter Parker's Identity As Spider-Man

No 8. Fugitives Venom & Eddie Brock Are Involved In The Multiverse

No 9. Tom Holland's Peter Parker Has Not Killed Any Supervillains

No 10. Three Peter Parkers, But The MCU One Is The Most Contrasting