Shitala Satam 2020: Date, Time and Puja Muhurat

Shitala Satam 2020: Date, Time and Puja Muhurat | Shitala Satam Vrat is observed in the month of Sravana on the seventh day of the dark fortnight. On this day Shitalamata’s puja is performed after taking bath with cold water. One cold meal is eaten during the day.

Shitala Satam 2020: Date, Time and Puja Muhurat
Shitala Satam 2020: Date, Time and Puja Muhurat

Shitala (Sheetala) is a Hindu goddess widely worshipped in the Indian subcontinent, notably in North India. As an incarnation of Supreme Goddess Durga, she cures poxes, sores, ghouls, pustules and diseases, acclaimed by Hindus.

Shitala Satam 2020 Date and Time

  • This year Shitala Satam is on August 10, 2020 (Monday)
  • Randhan Chhath is on August 9, 2020 (Sunday)

Shitala Satam is significant day in Gujarati Calendar. It is dedicated to Goddess Shitala. It is believed that Goddess Shitala protects her devotees and their families from measles and chickenpox. Hence, families in Gujarat observe rituals of Shitala Satam to seek blessing of Goddess Shitala.

Shitala Satam Puja Muhurat 2020

  • Shitala Satam Puja Muhurat – 06:42 AM to 07:05 PM
  • Duration – 12 Hours 22 Mins
Saptami Tithi Begins – 06:42 AM on Aug 10, 2020
Saptami Tithi Ends – 09:06 AM on Aug 11, 2020

Shitala Satam, popularly known as Shitala Shasti, is dedicated to Goddes Shitla. the goddess of pox and measles. It is observed for the welfare of children and others and to escape from measles and small pox.

The most significant ritual, which is followed on the day of Shitala Satam, is that no fresh food is cooked in the family. The food which is consumed on the day of Shitala Satam should be cold and stale. Hence most Gujarati families prepare special food on the previous day which is popularly known as Randhan Chhath.

The concept of Shitala Satam is same as that of Basoda and Sheetala Ashtami which is observed just after Holi in North Indian states. Shitala Satam is also spelled as Sheetala Satam and Sitala Satam.

Some things about Shitala Satam 2020

Shitala Satam 2020
Shitala Satam 2020

Sitala puja is performed by some families in South India also.The grinding stone is installed and invoked with the recital of Durga suktham and followed byAbhishekam accompanied by recital various sukthams. and worship with flowers,food being prepared with prescribed ingredients only.

Shitala literally means “one who cools” in Sanskrit. Shitala is worshiped under different names in various parts of the Indian subcontinent. Shitala is more often called Ma and Mata and is worshiped by Hindus, Buddhists and tribal communities.

She is mentioned in Tantric and Puranic literature and her later appearance in vernacular texts has contributed to strengthen her status. (Krishna Janmashtami Images)

Shitala is primarily popular in regions of North India. In some traditions she is identified with an aspect of Parvati, the consort of Shiva. Shitala is addressed as Mother, as a seasonal goddess and with honorific titles such as Thakurani, Jagrani, Karunamayi, Mangala, Bhagavati, Dayamayi.

The role of Shitala in South India is taken by the Goddess incarnate Mariamman, who is worshiped by Dravidian-speaking people.