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Junior Clerk | Talati Exam Paper 25 -OceanOfJobs

Returning the FDA call. Based on the background of the quality of the relationship with the FDA, you make that call in the morning so that whatever it reveals can be dealt with appropriately. This might be difficult to delegate, since another organization is involved that may have a Quadrant I culture and an individual who wants you, and not some delegatee, to respond.(Talati Exam Paper)


Junior Clerk Talati Exam Paper 25
Junior Clerk Talati Exam Paper 25


While you may attempt to directly influence the culture of your own organization as a member of the executive board, your Circle of Influence is probably not large enough to really influence the culture of the FDA, so you simply comply with the request. If you find the nature of the problem uncovered in the phone call is persistent or chronic, then you may approach it from a Quadrant II mentality in an effort to prevent such problems in the future. This again would require considerable proactivity to seize the opportunity to transform the quality of the relationship with the FDA or to work on the problems in a preventive way. Lunch with the general manager. You might see having lunch with the general manager as a rare opportunity to discuss some longer-range, Quadrant II matters in a fairly informal atmosphere. This may also take 30 to 60 minutes in the morning to adequately prepare for, or you may simply decide to have a good social interaction and listen carefully, perhaps without any plan at all. Either possibility may present a good opportunity to build your relationship with the general manager.


Preparing the media budget. Regarding item number two, you might call in two or three of your associates most directly connected to media budget preparation and ask them to bring their recommendations in the form of “completed staff work” (which may only require your initials to finally approve) or perhaps to outline two or three well-thoughtout options you can choose from and identify the consequences of each option. This may take a full hour sometime during the day — to go over desired results, guidelines, resources, accountability, and consequences. But by investing the one hour, you tap the
best thinking of concerned people who may have different points of view. If you haven’t taken this approach before, you may need to spend more time to train them in what this approach involves, what “completed staff work” means, how to synergize around differences and what identifying alternative options and consequences involves.


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Names : Junior Clerk / Talati Exam Paper 25



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