Junior Clerk | Talati Exam Paper 22 -OceanOfJobs

Junior Clerk | Talati Exam Paper 22 –OceanOfJobs

In the meantime, the project was languishing. The streets were beginning to look like weed fields, and the owners of the few homes that had been built were up in arms as they saw their property values drop. The city was also upset over the “prime land” project falling behind schedule and becoming an eyesore. Tens of thousands of dollars in legal costs had already been spent by the bank and the developer and the case wasn’t scheduled to come to court for several months.(Talati Exam Paper)


Junior Clerk Talati Exam Paper 22
Junior Clerk Talati Exam Paper 22


The meeting started at 8 A.M. in one of the bank conference rooms. The tension and mistrust were palpable. The attorney for the bank had committed the bank officials to say nothing. They were only to listen and he alone would speak. He wanted nothing to happen that would compromise the bank’s position in court. For the first hour and a half, I taught Habits 4, 5, and 6. At 9:30 I went to the blackboard and wrote down the bank’s concerns based on our prior understanding. Initially the bank officials said nothing, but the more we communicated win-win intentions and sought first to understand, the more they opened up to explain and clarify. As they began to feel understood, the whole atmosphere changed and a sense of momentum, of excitement over the prospect of peacefully settling the problem was clearly evident. Over the attorney’s objections the bank officials opened up even more, even about personal concerns. “When we walk out of here the first thing the bank president will say is, ‘Did we get our money?’ What are we going to say?”


By 11:00, the bank officers were still convinced of their rightness, but they felt understood and were no longer defensive and officious. At that point, they were sufficiently open to listen to the developer’s concerns, which we wrote down on the other side of the blackboard. This resulted in deeper mutual understanding and a collective awareness of how poor early communication had resulted in misunderstanding and unrealistic expectations, and how continuous communication in a win-win spirit could have prevented the subsequent major problems from developing. The shared sense of both chronic and acute pain combined with a sense of genuine progress kept everyone communicating. By noon, when the meeting was scheduled to end, the people were positive, creative, and synergistic and wanted to keep talking.


Paper 1: Gujarat Language for 25 Marks Which is Objective Type Includes Grammar, Verbal Ability, Vocabulary, Comprehension Etc.

Paper 2: English Language for 25 Marks, It Includes Question Based on Vocabulary, English Grammar, Comprehension, Idioms Etc.

Paper 3: General Knowledge for 25 Marks it Includes Current Affair Psychological Matters.

Paper 4: Is General Laws for 25 Marks ,Question Based on Constitution of India, Criminal Procedure Code 1973, Indian Penal Code 1860,Evidence act 1872, Gujarat Police act 1951,Gujarat Prohibition act 1949,Prevention Corruption act 1988,SC&Amp;ST act 1989,Motor Vehicle Act 1988.

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