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Junior Clerk | Talati Exam Paper 18 –OceanOfJobs

In addition, empathic listening is the key to making deposits in Emotional Bank Accounts, because nothing you do is a deposit unless the other person perceives it as such. You can work your fingers to the bone to make a deposit, only to have it turn into a withdrawal when a person regards your efforts as manipulative, self-serving, intimidating, or condescending because you don’t understand what really matters to him. Empathic listening is, in and of itself, a tremendous deposit in the Emotional Bank Account. It’s deeply therapeutic and healing because it gives a person “psychological air.(Talati Exam Paper)


Junior Clerk Talati Exam Paper 18
Junior Clerk Talati Exam Paper 18


“Let me tell you what happened last night,” he said. “I was trying to close a big commercial real estate deal while I was here in Chicago. I met with the principals, their attorneys, and another real estate agent who had just been brought in with an alternative proposal. “It looked as if I were going to lose the deal. I had been working on this deal for over six months and, in a very real sense, all my eggs were in this one basket. All of them. I panicked. I did everything I could — I pulled out all the stops — I used every sales technique I could. The final stop was to say, ‘Could we delay this decision just a little longer?’ But the momentum was so strong and they were so disgusted by having this thing go on so long, it was obvious they were going to close. “So I said to myself, ‘Well, why not try it? Why not practice what I learned today and seek first to understand, then to be understood? I’ve got nothing to lose.’ “I just said to the man, ‘Let me see if I really understand what your position is and what your concerns about my recommendations really are. When you feel I understand them,
then we’ll see whether my proposal has any relevance or not.’

The more I sensed and expressed the things he was worried about, the results he anticipated, the more he opened up. “Finally, in the middle of our conversation, he stood up, walked over to the phone, and dialed his wife. Putting his hand over the mouthpiece, he said, ‘You’ve got the deal.’ “I was totally dumbfounded,” he told me. “I still am this morning. He had made a huge deposit in the Emotional Bank Account by giving the man psychological air. When it comes right down to it, other things being relatively equal, the human dynamic is more important than the technical dimensions of the deal. Seeking first to understand, diagnosing before you prescribe, is hard. It’s so much easier in the short run to hand someone a pair of glasses that have fit you so well these many years.


Paper 1: Gujarat Language for 25 Marks Which is Objective Type Includes Grammar, Verbal Ability, Vocabulary, Comprehension Etc.

Paper2: English Language for 25 Marks, It Includes Question Based on Vocabulary, English Grammar, Comprehension, Idioms Etc.

Paper 3: General Knowledge for 25 Marks it Includes Current Affair Psychological Matters.

Paper 4: Is General Laws for 25 Marks ,Question Based on Constitution of India, Criminal Procedure Code 1973, Indian Penal Code 1860,Evidence act 1872, Gujarat Police act 1951,Gujarat Prohibition act 1949,Prevention Corruption act 1988,SC&Amp;ST act 1989,Motor Vehicle Act 1988.


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