Junior Clerk | Talati Exam Paper 17 -OceanOfJobs

Junior Clerk | Talati Exam Paper 17 -OceanOfJobs

From the foundation of character, we build and maintain win-win relationships. The trust, the Emotional Bank Account, is the essence of win-win. Without trust, the best we can do is compromise; without trust, we lack the credibility for open, mutual learning and communication and real creativity. But if our Emotional Bank Account is high, credibility is no longer an issue. Enough deposits have been made so that you know and I know that we deeply respect each other. We’re focused on the issues, not on personalities or positions.(Talati Exam Paper)


Junior Clerk Talati Exam Paper 17
Junior Clerk Talati Exam Paper 17

A character rich in integrity, maturity, and the Abundance Mentality has a genuineness that goes far beyond technique, or lack of it, in human interaction.
One thing I have found particularly helpful to win-lose people in developing a win-win character is to associate with some model or mentor who really thinks win-win. When people are deeply scripted in win-lose or other philosophies and regularly associate with others who are likewise scripted, they don’t have much opportunity to see and experience the win-win philosophy in action. So I recommend reading literature, such as the inspiring biography of Anwar Sadat, In Search of Identity, and seeing movies like Chariots of Fire or plays like Les Miserables that expose you to models of win-win.

Because we trust each other, we’re open. We put our cards on the table. Even though we see things differently, I know that you’re willing to listen with respect while I describe the young woman to you, and you know that I’ll treat your description of the old woman with the same respect. We’re both committed to try to understand each other’s point of view deeply and to work together for the Third Alternative, the synergistic solution, that will be a better answer for both of us. A relationship where bank accounts are high and both parties are deeply committed to win-win is the ideal springboard for tremendous synergy (Habit 6). That relationship neither makes the issues any less real or important, nor eliminates the differences in perspective. But it does eliminate the negative energy normally focused on differences in personality and position and creates a positive, cooperative energy focused on thoroughly understanding the issue and resolving them in a mutually beneficial way.


Paper 1: Gujarat Language for 25 Marks Which is Objective Type Includes Grammar, Verbal Ability, Vocabulary, Comprehension Etc.

Paper2: English Language for 25 Marks, It Includes Question Based on Vocabulary, English Grammar, Comprehension, Idioms Etc.

Paper 3: General Knowledge for 25 Marks it Includes Current Affair Psychological Matters.

Paper 4: Is General Laws for 25 Marks ,Question Based on Constitution of India, Criminal Procedure Code 1973, Indian Penal Code 1860,Evidence act 1872, Gujarat Police act 1951,Gujarat Prohibition act 1949,Prevention Corruption act 1988,SC&Amp;ST act 1989,Motor Vehicle Act 1988.


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