Chandra Grahan 2020: All you need to know 5 July 2020

Chandra Grahan 2020: Lunar Eclipse on July 5 will mark the last eclipse of the current cycle that saw a lunar eclipse on June 5 as well as the historic Solar Eclipse on June 21.

Chandra Grahan 2020: All you need to know 5 July 2020
Chandra Grahan 2020: All you need to know 5 July 2020

The Eclipse today will be a ‘buck moon’ eclipse and will be visible from several major cities across the world. The Eclipse on July 5 will be partial because only part of the moon will dip into the penumbra. brings to you all the live updates, photos videos and more.

Lunar Eclipse 2020 Today Live Updates: Today is the third lunar eclipse of 2020. However, for people in India, the penumbral lunar eclipse may not be visible as it will take place in the day time. It will be difficult for Indians to witness the phenomenon.

Countries that will be able to observe the phenomenon clearly are South/West Europe, parts of Africa, parts of North America, South America, Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Ocean and Antarctica. Similar to the last two lunar eclipses this one will also be penumbral lunar eclipse. In fact, all eclipse will be penumbral. The next lunar eclipse will take place between November 29 to November 30.

Solar Eclipse and Lunar Eclipse

The Penumbral lunar eclipse ended at 11:22:21 IST today. The total duration of this eclipse was around 2 hours, 45 minutes. Many people were not able to see the eclipse on July 5. However, some captured beautiful views of this celestial event through lenses. The last lunar eclipse of this year will occur on November 30, 2020.

Many people find it difficult to spot today’s penumbral lunar eclipse, also known as ‘Buck Moon’ lunar eclipse. The eclipse ends at 05:52:21 UTC (11:22:21 IST).

Who will be able to witness the lunar eclipse?

Unfortunately, this lunar eclipse of July 4-5 will not be visible in India. However, people in much of North America, South America, South/West Europe, much of Africa, Indian Ocean, Pacific, Antarctica, and Atlantic will be able to witness it.

How to watch the July 2020 lunar eclipse?

The penumbral lunar eclipse, and other such celestial events are often streamed on popular YouTube channels including Slooh and the website Virtual Telescope. If you live in one of the regions where this lunar eclipse will be visible, you should be able to watch it without any special equipment.